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Barca Metals are leading scrap metal dealers and buyers, who are well established in the Sydney market. We provide fast, honest, and reliable service, and are scrap metal buyers who believe in an environmentally sound processes in all that we do.

Barca Metals has an onsite weighbridge, utilised for buying & selling. We have the weighbridge available for commercial & domestic scrap customers. Our public weighbridge is 18 metres long, & handles most semi trailers. It is a convenient way for our customers to weigh their scrap metal.

Barca Metals can purchase small or large quantities of scrap metal at our own premises and we also provide a pick-up service for businesses and home owners for larger quantities only. When it comes to buying metal, Barca Metals will provide a competitive price, while providing you with a collection service that will alleviate the pain of having to dispose of scrap metal yourself (conditions may apply).

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